Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Grasshopper - LIRA-SAPR Live Link

The Liraland group is happy to announce Grasshopper – LIRA-SAPR Live Link, the plugin for Structural analysis of BIM model in LIRA-SAPR software.

LIRA-SAPR software is a leading software in the Commonwealth of Independent States markets. LIRA-SAPR allows users to quickly analyze structures with different complex geometry (high-rise buildings, large-span structures, towers, masts, silos, coverings of various shapes, etc.). With over 30 countries worldwide, LIRA-SAPR is well-known as one of the best tools available for professional engineers for structural analysis and design.

LIRA-SAPR has been used in many projects, including significantly complex ones:

- Protective shell of a nuclear reactor for nuclear power plant
- Hydroelectric power plant
- Indoor ice arena
- Government institution in Georgia
- Different hotel complexes (Alliance Palace, Hilton Complex)
- Evolution Tower and other unique objects

Nowadays, the traditional methods for model creation are too slow for structural analysis. Architects change their models almost daily and structural engineers should analyze various variants as quickly as possible. So, many choose parametric structural design instead of classical ways of model generation.

The possibilities are endless with the Grasshopper - LIRA-SAPR Live Link. This tool enables you to simulate buildings and structures of arbitrary shape parametrically. The developed plugin converts a Rhino model into an analysis model. It also allows you to perform static, dynamic, and design analysis. With the help of this link, you can also check different structural solutions and select the best one. This advantage becomes very important when the framework is often modified, and changes can be quickly and efficiently analyzed with FEA.

To try the possibilities of Grasshopper - LIRA-SAPR Live Link, y
ou can use LIRA-SAPR 2021 Demo version

Send your questions and feedback to support@liraland.com.

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