Tuesday, September 28, 2021

DesignMorphine Masters Y22/23 Degree

Master of Science in Computational and Advanced Design (MSc CAD)
University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy (Online)
September 2022-June 2023

Everything humanity has designed so far is limited and based on how our bodies are designed and work, the way they experience reality around us. However, in this age and time, we have reached the crossroads where technology can and will eventually shape not only our minds but our body, as well. 

In this sense, designing the future entails, first and foremost, designing the body that will live that future. Challenges inevitably arise and demand innovators and pioneers to overcome them; new tools and new technologies are required to materialize the answer; limits and boundaries will be crossed, and the equilibrium will change. In this journey, the compass will be a scalable notion of the human condition. Housing, transit systems, and the ways one moves around in the city and the whole structure of the city itself, are essential aspects one must consider when designing for this new reality. 

By changing the unit the whole world is built around, the human body, we are no longer concerned with just designing parts of the world we live in. We are designing the whole world we live in. It’s not a mere design process; it’s cosmogony.

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