Thursday, March 18, 2021

Online Grasshopper Training in Spanish

Join Leonardo Nuevo-Arenas in the next Grasshopper Training in Spanish.
This online course is for students and professionals in architecture and design. The instructor will cover how to develop advanced algorithms in Grasshopper for applications spanning from analysis, automatization, complex geometry generation, physical simulation, and evolutive optimization.
The workshop will focus on developing and applying functional algorithms with Grasshopper, from the conceptual to the final ready-to-fabricate stage of the project. Students will start by learning the basic mathematical and geometrical concepts of Grasshopper from which they will move into the development of complex algorithms. 

No previous knowledge of Grasshopper is required.
The course consists of six sessions of five hours each.

Start date: March 27, 2021. Saturdays from 8 am-1 pm.
Duration: 6 weeks
Price: Students MX$3,500 / Professionals MX$4,500.00
25% Discount for early bird registration till March 14

Questions? Contact or WhatsApp +5213339569209

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