Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Complete Rhino Guide For Beginners course launched by 'I Am The Studio'

The Complete Rhino Guide For Beginners illustrates the foundation of design and modeling within the Rhino 3D environment, taking students from beginner to intermediate level in the principal functions and methods in Rhino and Grasshopper while creating a beautiful architecture project.

Course Introduction

The Complete Rhino Guide is a series created by registered architect and founder of the I Am The Studio platform—Brandon Aaron Gibbs, AIA—to give designers a comprehensive creative+technical foundation with modeling and design in Rhino.

New designers in Rhino often get lost in modeling after a few steps because they lack the foundation and a creative approach to applying modeling techniques. In this beginner’s course, students will be immersed in the technique and design within the Rhino 3D world, learning about the various geometries, functions, drafting, and parametric capabilities to start Rhino projects. Students will then develop an architectural project with Voronoi parametric surfaces to be documented in orthographic views—rendering the project in the latest V-Ray.

New or intermediate students in Rhino will appreciate the up-to-date skills in Rhino and Rhino plugins from this course, where they will get key insights and workflows to manage and create beautiful designs in the Rhino environment.

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