Tuesday, October 18, 2022

CondorShell | Grasshopper, Rhino, Revit, and SAFE interoperability for structural engineers

At the beginning of the structural design process, there are two common approaches to defining geometries: Create complex and parametric geometries directly using Rhino and Grasshopper or leverage the power of Rhino.Inside to transfer geometry directly from Revit. 

Now, with CondorShell, engineers can easily export geometry and data from Rhino and Grasshopper to SAFE V20.3.0, making the structural analysis and design much faster. With CondorShell, engineers can create workflows to automate design tasks in the design of foundations and the design of slabs in CSI SAFE.

CondorShell is a Grasshopper-based component just released by Artificial Intelligence Optimization Software, LLC (AIOS). CondorShell 1.0.0 is available to download beginning October 10.

CondorShell comes in two versions: Basic and Pro. There is extensive documentation as well as short videos and examples that illustrate the use of every single CondorShell component. Both versions will help you establish more efficient workflows, saving valuable time during design. 
  • CondorShell Basic: Available using the PackageManager in Rhino, this free version features 20 components that support the creation of your SAFE model. See the 1-minute video tutorial, How to Install CondorShell Free Limited Version.

  • CondorShell Pro: To experience the full capabilities of CondorShell, users can upgrade to the paid version which provides 54 additional components that facilitate the creation of complex geometries in your SAFE model. To activate the Pro version, follow the installation instructions in the 3-minute video tutorial, Installing CondorShell.

Send your comments and feedback to support@aiosciv.com. Happy coding!

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