Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Cyberstrak Modeling - New Plugin for Rhino 7/8:

Cyberstrak Modeling is a new plugin for Rhinoceros. 

It contains functionality for the creation and modification of NURBS geometry and meshes like:
  • Modeling of NURBS control vertices
  • Smoothing of Curves, Surfaces, and Mesh areas
  • Surface blend creation
  • Creation of Nurbs surfaces on selected Mesh areas

Focus is easy and intuitive usability. So, all modeling commands offer a local Undo/Redo, allowing easy comparison of different work stages.

There is also integrated analysis functionality that helps judge the current geometry's quality. In addition, analysis commands are available like:
  • Sections through geometry
  • Curvature analysis of Curves and Surfaces
  • Graphical deviation between objects (e.g., deviation display between surface to a mesh)
  • Analysis of transition quality between matched curves or surfaces
The analyses are following associatively all geometry modifications and will be dynamically updated during the modeling process.

More info at and on food4Rhino...

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