Tuesday, February 13, 2024

OPTIshell Workshop

This workshop covers the concept of structural art and explores how structures can embody elegance, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness simultaneously. The focus will be on timber elastic gridshells, with a specific emphasis on asymptotic gridshells, which represent promising systems in this field. Participants will learn to use parametric tools for designing shapes capable of serving as structural shells. The workshop will also cover the basics of structural analysis for such forms, enabling attendees to transform their designs into impressive, structurally sound gridshell structures.

During the workshop, we will delve into practical aspects of design preparation for digital fabrication. Participants will gain hands-on experience in testing materials and using laser cutting techniques. Ultimately, each participant will have the opportunity to construct prototypes, bringing the theoretical concepts learned in the workshop to life through tangible and personalized projects.

This workshop is tailored for individuals with backgrounds in architecture or structural engineering, both students and professionals alike. 

Dates: 16-17 March
Language: English 
Location: Lokietka 12c, Wroclaw (Fab Institute)
Prerequisite Skills: Basic Grasshopper
Software: Rhino, Grasshopper, Karamba, custom-made components and plugins

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