Thursday, February 1, 2024

Free Webinar: BIM Workflow and Landscape Modeling with RhinoLands


Title: BIM Workflow and Landscape Modeling with RhinoLands
Date: 6 February 2024
Time: 6:00 pm (WET) Lisbon

RhinoLands is a standalone BIM landscaping software that adds to
the power of Rhino the specific landscape tools of Lands Design.
This webinar, organized in collaboration with the Portuguese Association of Landscape Architects, will explain the design process with Lands Design by reviewing the following tools: Drawing, Terrain Modeling, Hardscape, Vegetation, Visualization, and BIM Documentation.

More about RhinoLands:

• Intuitive Interface: Simplifies the design process for professionals and newcomers alike.
• Advanced Modeling Tools: Uncover the tools that enable intricate and detailed landscape designs.
• Collaboration and Integration: Learn about RhinoLands’ collaborative features and seamless integration with other design tools.
• Time and Cost Efficiency: Explore how RhinoLands streamlines the design process, saving time and resources.

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