Thursday, February 8, 2024

FABRICATE 2024 - CITA Copenhagen (Denmark) - 4-6 April

FABRICATE 2024 will be hosted CITA, Royal Danish Academy, Copenhagen, Denmark, 4-6 April 2024.

Since its inception, FABRICATE has welcomed thousands of international delegates to conferences over two days in London (2011), Zurich (2014), Stuttgart (2017), and Online (2020), acting as a global forum for the exploration of the radical new opportunities for design in manufacturing, computation, material science, and assembly.

From more than 1000 submissions, only 32 projects are selected for each conference publication and 16 for each event. The publication series is Open Access and all four existing volumes have been downloaded over 290,000 times from UCL Press. Uniquely, recognizing the multiple interconnected challenges facing academia, practice, manufacturing, construction, and industry, only built projects are accepted. 

Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen & Phil Ayres

"The last 12 years of FABRICATE provide a record of incredible critical creativity and community consolidation that reflects and celebrates the pushing of boundaries of fabrication within the built environment. We are delighted to be given the opportunity to frame a contribution to this record through co-chairing FABRICATE 2024 at the Royal Danish Academy.

Our vision for FABRICATE 2024 is to address the pressing need to develop new models for architectural production that rethink how resource is deployed, its intensity, its socio-ecological origins and sensitivity to environment. FABRICATE 2024 will provide a unique forum for discussing and showcasing radical and creative departures in the design and making of architecture and to reflect upon how, and for whom, we design."

Co-chaired by Professors Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen and Phil Ayres of CITA, FABRICATE 2024 will build upon and extend its legacy as a prime place of exchange on the cutting edge of new forms of design and construction and material thinking in architecture, engineering, and building.

As core members of the FABRICATE community, Mette and Phil have profiled deep-seated interests in the infrastructures of computational modeling producing novel methods of computing, fabricating, and designing architecture for over two decades. With a special focus on inter-sector dialogue and knowledge exchange, their aim for FABRICATE 2024 is to question what the future of computational design and fabrication can be. They ask how the pressures for a new sustainable design agenda will challenge the AEC industry. They ask how cutting-edge computational design can inform the emergence of a new sensitivity in which renewable, regenerative, and restorative design logics are prioritized, and they aim focus on questions of resource consciousness and bio-based design and fabrication strategies.

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