Friday, February 2, 2024

Rhino User Webinar: Daylight Compliance Prediction Web Tool Using Rhino.Compute

Rhino User Webinar
7 February 2024 at 4:00 pm (CET)

Join us for this webinar where Alejandro Pacheco Diéguez and Daniel González showcase an innovative web tool for daylight compliance estimation in urban design. This tool, developed using Rhino.Compute, addresses the growing challenge of urban densification and its impact on daylight accessibility in buildings. The webinar will show the tool's development, which is grounded in a simple yet effective equation for predicting the maximum room depth (MRD) compliant with Swedish daylight regulations. The session will also explore the potential of data science and machine learning techniques to enhance this innovative method's predictive accuracy and efficiency.

Alejandro and Daniel's collaboration responds to the need for early-stage daylight compliance assessment in architectural design, allowing for cost-effective and informed decision-making. This tool is particularly suited for architects and engineers, offering a user-friendly interface to evaluate daylight factors in urban-scale projects. The webinar will be an invaluable opportunity for Rhino users to learn about integrating advanced simulation techniques using Rhino.Compute, ultimately fostering better-performing building designs.

About the speakers:

  • Alejandro Pacheco Diéguez, an architect at White Arkitekter Sweden, specializes in sustainable urban development and performance analysis. His pioneering work in daylight metrics, particularly the 'Early-design daylight compliance prediction method,' addresses urban density challenges and emphasizes the importance of daylight in urban design. Recently, Alejandro has expanded his expertise into data science and machine learning, aiming to enhance architectural design optimization. His commitment to sustainable architecture combines traditional design with innovative technologies, focusing on improving building performance and occupant well-being.

  • Daniel González is an experienced web developer with a rich experience spanning over seven years. Specializing in digital craftsmanship, Daniel has honed his skills in creating static web pages, single-page applications (SPAs), and engaging 3D experiences. He is dedicated to innovation and passionate about developing ideas through sophisticated programming techniques. As a presenter in our upcoming webinar, Daniel will share insights from integrating a web application and Rhino, shedding light on the intricacies of the Rhino.Compute API and pairing it with Three.js.

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