Thursday, February 22, 2024

ShapeDiver Spring '24 Update | Live Webinar

ShapeDiver Spring '24 Update | Live Webinar
Tuesday, 5 March 2024 - Approximately 1 hour
8am Pacific Time, 11 am Eastern Time, 5 pm Central European Time

Join ShapeDiver on March 5th for a webinar hosted by their Head of Product, Mathieu Huard, and their Head of Projects, Edwin Hernández. Together, they’ll showcase the latest features added to the ShapeDiver platform, including full Rhino 8 support.

  • Rhino 8 support and other new plugin features.
  • New sharing, embedding, and layout features on the platform.
  • Advanced post-processing effects in the ShapeDiver viewer.
  • Outro and special announcements.
  • Q&A.

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