Monday, February 12, 2024

Rhino User Meeting | Madrid is pleased to announce the next Rhino User Meeting in Madrid.

Organized in collaboration with McNeel Europe, it will be the first face-to-face Rhino User Meeting in Spain since 2018. A wide range of developers and companies with interesting projects made with advanced design systems will offer attendees a day full of inspiration and networking opportunities.

Leading industry experts will share their most innovative projects and the workflows that have led to their success. Event participants will be engaged in the Rhino world and its entire ecosystem, with specialized presentations on architecture and product design.

Renowned companies in the industry, such as ModelicalControlmad, Fhecor, Miautics, LowPoly, and Morph Estudio, will also participate, as well as Rhino plugin developers such as V-RayEnscape, VisualARQ, and Lands Design. In addition, other software applications for architecture and product design, such as KeyShot and its range of AR/VR products, will be presented.

Don't miss the chance to network and explore new opportunities within the Rhino environment!

Advance tickets cost 12€ until March 10th. After this date, the price will be 24€.

Agenda and more info...

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