Friday, February 9, 2024

Northern Star by Lasvit

In the heart of bustling central Hong Kong stands The Holborn, a residential building that serves as a beacon of modern living amidst the city's dynamic landscape. Among its many charms lies a captivating feature known as Northern Star, an ingenious lighting and site-specific installation that illuminates the building's lobby with a celestial grace.

Crafted by Rado Hrcka, a visionary 3D designer from Lasvit, Northern Star embodies the fusion of artistry and technology. Using Rhino and employing a block-in-block methodology, Hrcka meticulously brought his vision to life. "The initial block is the glass component itself and the second block is 1/8 of the whole composition. The 1/8 block is copied 7 times around the middle base point, making up the whole design", explains Hrcka. "After that, the editing is done in real time. It is the fastest and easiest way to work on this type of composition and it enables us to have perfect control and prevent the collision of components." 

The installation isn't just a mere fixture; it symbolizes warmth and guidance, designed to welcome residents home with open arms. As one steps into The Holborn's lobby, they are greeted by the gentle glow of Northern Star, serving as a friendly celestial guide that beckons them towards the comforts of home.

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