Monday, February 26, 2024

food4Rhino webinar: Digital Footwear Creation with Botcha x Rhino (28 February 2024 at 5 PM CET)

food4Rhino webinar: Digital Footwear Creation with Botcha x Rhino
28 February 2024 at 5 PM CET

This webinar will focus on the suite of tools available in Botcha x Rhino for efficiently creating shoes in Rhino 8.

Quickly start from a last, flatten it, and begin modeling it in 2D, then map it back to 3D. We will showcase all the tools available at your disposal and the workflows that we have developed. Creating digital twins in footwear helps reach sustainability objectives and improve communication between designers and suppliers. We will demonstrate the quality of realism that you can achieve inside Rhino with the help of Botcha.


Alberto Franco is a software architect at design&develop and supervises the development and direction of BotchaxRhino and Jevero. He is a computer scientist working in computer graphics and CAD/CAE since 2009 and joined design&develop in 2015 to start a new business unit dedicated to creating software tools for footwear.

- Trenton Jones is a Project Manager at design&develop and is in charge of BotchaxRhino. Trent has a degree in industrial design from Arizona State University and has worked for adidas' Advanced Creation Technology team for more than six years, after his time at adi he joined design&develop in early 2023, supporting both software projects and footwear development.

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