Monday, February 19, 2024

Introducing Vision Lidar

In the ever-evolving design world, transitioning from raw point clouds to polished Rhino projects has become smoother thanks to Vision Lidar. This groundbreaking solution seamlessly converts point clouds into vivid, color-enhanced meshes directly within the Vision Lidar software. This advancement offers architects, landscape architects, and urban designers an engaging foundation for their Rhino designs.

Key features

  • Detailed Visual Representation: The colorized meshes not only preserve the precision of Lidar data but also provide a detailed visual representation of landscapes, terrains, and urban spaces, setting the stage for informed design decisions.
  • Real-time Design Feedback: Vision Lidar empowers you to make real-time design decisions with immediate feedback on changes, enhancing your ability to seamlessly explore and refine your projects.
  • Collaborative Possibilities: Share your colorized meshes effortlessly with interdisciplinary teams, fostering collaboration among architects, landscape architects, and urban designers.

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