Thursday, February 8, 2024

Rhinozine - February Issue

Our February issue is filled with exciting content you don't want to miss.

The Barcelona Collection:
A fusion of technology and tradition in Spanish jewelry, an intersection of artistry and innovation.

Kinetica’s Triumph at Expo Dubai:
A 140-meter diameter video mapping dome was created with creativity, precision, and adaptability.

Jewelry Design Challenge:
A digital fabricator project that's both fun and interesting using Grasshopper as a design tool.

Drafting is the "language of industry": a technical way of communicating ideas and designs through drawings.

Land Kit:
Design landscapes more efficiently by implementing computational design workflow.

Elevate Your Grasshopper Game:
Here are some valuable tips, tricks, and resources that you may find helpful for Grasshopper.

Fundamentals of digital drawing, 3D modeling, and visual programming in architectural design by Frank Melendez.

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