Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Rhino User Webinar: BIM projects with Rhino.Inside Revit (by Modelical) - July 6 at 4PM CEST

Rhino User Webinar
BIM projects with Rhino.Inside Revit (by Modelical)
July 6 at 4 PM CEST

Webinar about the successful use of Rhino.Inside Revit in several architectural projects at Modelical

Rhino.Inside Revit is mainly well-known for its capacity to translate complex geometry from Rhino to Revit, but its potential is much greater.

Rhino.Inside Revit is a versatile and adaptable tool that allows you to manage geometry and information and to design optimal workflows to get the most out of Rhino and Revit. In this webinar, you will learn about the most outstanding Rhino to Revit workflows used in our projects at Modelical.

Modelical is a global consultancy firm that facilitates and inspires change in the construction sector, helping it to become more efficient, agile, and modern. This webinar will be conducted by Begoña Gassó, Head of Product Management, and Óscar Herrero and Belén Torres, Computational Design Specialists.


Bro architect said...

Unfortunately i missed this interesting webinar yesterday. Any chance I may see this on Youtube?

Carla Sologuren said...

Yes, you can find the recording here: