Wednesday, June 8, 2022

New: SIMO app for urban development

SIMO software for urban development is now available!

Developed by Spatiomatics, SIMO supports integrated, data-driven collaboration for multidisciplinary urban development teams. 

SIMO comes with three apps: Rhino plugin, Grasshopper components, and a standalone Data Dashboard. Model in Rhino as you always do, let Grasshopper process everything in the background and stream the unique UIM.json file to realtime analysis and data visualization.

SIMO is built by a passionate team with deep expertise in international urban development and computational design: "SIMO and UIM are the tools we always needed. We are in active development, have great feedback from our commercial customers, and have been deployed at TU Delft in the Netherlands throughout the development process! In building SIMO, we quickly realized that there were no useable urban ontologies or urban data schemas for describing Urban Information Models (aka CIM, CityBIM). So we built the UIM Data Model and Schema as well as our unique UIM Graphics standards from scratch taking the best from industry practice and other connected standards."

For a more detailed read, check out Why SIMO and UIM? Or look at the SIMO Documentation.

Visit Spatiomatics to learn more about SIMO. Get pricing and license information. Also, it is available in the Rhino Package Manager and on the food4Rhino website.

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