Monday, June 20, 2022

ADW2022 Advance Design Workshop 2022 (Torino, Italy) - July 8

ADW2022 Advance Design Workshop 2022
Torino, Italy
July 8 

After years of silence, Memola Luigi, Head of Design of EPTA Design, is back with his new event.

As in the previous five editions, in about three hours, he will share his ideational and executive path that led him from the white sheet to the creation of images with a high visual impact to support the design he develops.

Whether you are a professional or a student in product design, transportation design, and concept design, Luigi will illustrate his workflow based, in the executive phase, on the massive and indispensable modeling tool Rhinoceros and rendering in KeyShot.

Regardless of the subject, an accurate 3D model is an indispensable element for the subsequent creation of credible and realistic images.

An example of the use of the Rhinoceros software will be the presentation of the new fantasy image belonging to the GruppoC, the AEG27 DIVA22 category, developed thanks to the experience of Eng. Giorgio Stirano, legendary trainer of LMP and F1 racing cars.

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