Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Parametric Structural Building Design online workshop using SOFiSTiK in Grasshopper, June 8-10 (McNeel Europe)

SOFiSTiK Parametric Structural Building Design 
online workshop using SOFiSTiK in Grasshopper
June 08-10, 2022
Hosted on Zoom by McNeel Europe

Today’s building industry is increasingly complex and specialized. Modern projects are highly driven by intensive collaboration between architects, structural engineers, and other stakeholders. Especially in the digital era, architects and engineers are separated from the building site. Hence, digital models are required to ensure a three-dimensional understanding of the scope of work. The challenge is to extend the architectural BIM model with structural information.

This workshop will introduce you to parametric structural design using the connection between the powerful analysis software SOFiSTiK and the nearly endless parametric possibilities of the Rhino/Grasshopper world. An emphasis is on exploring methods of collaboration between architects and structural engineers. It is led by structural engineer and software developer Florian Hemetsberger from SOFiSTiK AG, along with BIM specialist Junghwo Park from Umdasch Group Ventures.

Participants can expect to gain knowledge in the following fields:
  • Get a basic understanding of how to set up the analysis workflow in SOFiSTiK
  • Learn about the SOFiSTiK Grasshopper Interface
  • Learn Grasshopper tips and tricks facilitating the analysis workflow
  • Learn how to connect analysis with a BIM model in Revit using Rhino.Inside

Day 1: Get to know the SOFiSTiK workflow

  • Structural analysis with SOFiSTiK
  • The SOFiSTiK Rhino Interface
  • Grasshopper basics for the structural engineers
  • Interfacing Grasshopper and SOFiSTiK
  • Useful Grasshopper Tips and Tricks

Day 2: Dive deep into the SOFiSTiK Grasshopper world

  • Cantilever beam & concrete plate
  • SOFiSTiK Grasshopper: Basic examples
  • Meshing options
  • SOFiSTiK basics: combinations, result evaluation, and reports

 Day 3: Shall we dance?

  • Conceptual parametric structural design
  • Design collaboration between architects and structural engineers
  • Connecting analysis with BIM using Rhino.Inside
  • Future development and summary of the workshop

Course requirements: This workshop is for structural engineers with basic knowledge of using Rhino and Grasshopper, but others are welcome. 

Online course fees: EUR 395,- (+VAT); full-time students and university teachers get a 50% discount (proof of status required). Please note that your seat is confirmed after payment has cleared.

Max. number of participants: 25. If there is no quorum, the course will be canceled 15 days before.

Course language: English

Educational seats are limited. Sign up now by contacting McNeel Europe!

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