Friday, April 1, 2022

Bella 22.3 for Rhino released

Diffuse Logic is pleased to announce the public release of Bella 22.3, which introduces its new Saturn solver

The Saturn solver is built on a novel new architecture, which enables fast, fully spectral rendering, as well as the ability to stop at a given perceptual noise level and use the same solver for preview and production rendering. With CPU performance on par with some GPU renderers, Saturn, which features native support for Apple Silicon, also serves as the basis for the ongoing development of hybrid CPU/GPU support in Bella.

Additional features introduced in this release include an optical vignetting element that simulates cat-eye bokeh, simulation of sensor noise and film grain, the ability to override transmittance color when using measured complex IOR data which can be especially useful when rendering gemstones, as well as various enhancements to the Bella GUI application. 

As always, Bella 22.3 is freely available to demo with no time limit.

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