Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Adaptive Parts Environment, new Grasshopper plugin

Like dynamic blocks … just better

Even without Grasshopper knowledge, everyone should be able to access Grasshopper’s parametric power. Therefore, Rhenso GmbH has developed Adaptive Parts for Rhino 3D—objects with dynamic geometry and properties—that everyone can easily manipulate with a user-friendly UI.

The users know best which tools they need, and most off-the-shelf CAD software does not provide them. So, this plugin intends to enable everybody to design their own tools for improving workflows that fit their needs best.

Adaptive parts are similar to dynamic blocks but way more powerful. They can be almost anything you can imagine and build with Grasshopper.

To use an Adaptive Part, Grasshopper knowledge is not required. To create one, it is.

Adaptive Parts are created in Grasshopper and wrap design and process knowledge into closed and shareable bits. They can be shared with your team members, only exposing the relevant parameters without exposing the (sometimes confusing) Grasshopper canvas.

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"The Adaptive Parts Environment Plug-In is currently Work-In-Progress (WIP) and being actively developed. We are currently adding new features and integrating user feedback with every WIP release. Our plan is to be feature complete and stable for a commercial lease in late 2022."

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