Thursday, September 15, 2022

Àgora València (by Arqueha + Miguel Arraiz)

The Arqueha studio, coordinator of Plan Zero for the climate transition of three neighborhoods in the city of Valencia, has been in charge of the project's technical development, applying prefabrication and sustainability parameters. With digitization through the BIM methodology and parametric design, it has been possible to turn a unique building into a reality.

The use of parametric design applied to the enclosure has provided the ability to generate a fully controlled distribution of slats, choosing the density and position of each one in the racks and obtaining a unique design for each rack.

This has been possible thanks to Rhino.Inside Revit, which has allowed working in a coordinated manner with Grasshopper and Revit to generate both the geometry and its associated parameters that have been attributed differently to each of the more than 1000 pieces that make up the racks.

Thanks to these processes, the waste generated, the work carried out and the transport of materials have been reduced, saving significant amounts of CO2 and energy. Àgora València is also a space studied following thermal comfort strategies.

The 3D model used for analyzing sunlight and outdoor comfort has been extracted directly from the BIM model and processed with Ladybug.

A project as unique as Ágora València, with the high level of detail it presents, as well as the precision required in coordinating industrialized elements produced by different agents, would not have been possible without the use of Rhinoceros.

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