Monday, May 29, 2023

food4Rhino webinar: TRfem and TRmesh (June 1 at 5 PM CEST)

June 1 at 5 PM CEST

TRfem and TRmesh are a pair of new Rhino plugins for simulation, particularly for the volumetric 3D heat transfer solver for Rhino. They feature solving for interior/exterior boundary conditions, with result slicing, isosurface extraction, and other import/export capabilities. In this webinar, Mathias will provide a comprehensive introduction to heat transfer simulation in Rhino, covering essential concepts such as thermal flux, dissipation, transmittance, U-values, and related quantities.

TRmesh is the associated tetrahedral meshing plugin for TRfem. TRmesh features several tetrahedral meshers, from well-established ones to others inspired by Poisson disk sampling and Metropolis sampling techniques. TRmesh thus enables the generation of high-quality tetrahedral finite element meshes efficiently. As any finite element-based volumetric simulation relies on quality tetrahedral meshes, TRmesh's functionality is also crucial for simulations other than heat transfer. During the webinar, we will guide participants through the complete finite element workflow, showcasing a practical case study focused on insulation evaluation and building heating and energy efficiency analysis.

This webinar is aimed both at Rhino novices and experts, with or without previous exposure to finite element simulation.

Speaker: Mathias Fuchs is a Mathematician with ample experience in applied geometry, statistics, and simulation. He's been Senior Researcher at the CODE group, Zaha Hadid Architects, London, and is now an independent programmer specializing in numerical algorithms for geometry and Rhino.

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