Friday, May 26, 2023

Climate Action Tools Workshop this Saturday

Climate Action Tools Workshop

Saturday, May 27

12-3 pm EST

Designers' choices significantly influence the environment with escalating climate challenges. With this in mind, the LANDAU drew inspiration from the ASLA Climate Action Plan and developed innovative solutions to aid in making sustainable choices. Combining Rhino, Grasshopper, and Land Kit offers various ways to deal with site planning, deeper analysis, design automation, and more. 

The Climate Action Tools Workshop, a free workshop by LANDAU, will focus on workflows and techniques that allow you to estimate and visualize your project's response to climate-related issues. Using custom tools and Land Kit workflow, this workshop will equip you with specific examples and showcase the possibilities of computational design to become an essential tool when addressing climate change in site design. 

Follow along in these sessions, engage in interactive demos, and see how the LANDAU team has used computational power to automate design processes and leverage data.

The first section will discuss biodiversity and how our planting decisions, water management decisions, and carbon footprint affect short-term and long-term biodiversity. This section will briefly cover ways to think about biodiversity using Plant Kit. 

The second section will focus on water management. Evaluating water can be challenging during the design process, but the workflows and tools presented in this section start to show how Land Kit makes this process easier and faster.

The third section will focus on the Carbon Calculator. This tool allows you to estimate the carbon footprint of materials as you design and make changes. Additionally, we will discuss the data used in this calculator and how it is used to estimate your project's carbon footprint.

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