Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Opossum Release for Rhino 8

ICD University Stuttgart is pleased to announce the latest update of Opossum, version 3.1.1, which is now fully compatible with Rhino 8. This update addresses a critical bug where expert settings inadvertently overwrote the settings tab.

Opossum, the Grasshopper plugin, offers enhanced features for optimization tasks, including:
  • RBFOpt and CMA-ES algorithms for single-objective optimization
  • Multi-objective algorithms: RBFMOpt, MACO, MOEA/D, NSGA-II, NSPSO
  • Performance Explorer for real-time feedback on design spaces
Opossum 3.0.0-beta, as well as 1.5.0 and lower, was developed at the Advanced Architecture Lab with support from the SUTD-MIT International Design Centre and is currently being developed at ICD University Stuttgart.

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