Tuesday, April 23, 2024

food4Rhino webinar: Spherene Metamaterial

food4Rhino webinar: Spherene Metamaterial
26 April 2024 at 11h CEST

In this webinar, we discuss spherene™ metamaterial and its design tool integration in Rhino. Spherene metamaterial is revolutionizing design and manufacturing. It mimics bulk material properties, drastically cutting design time. Spherene is the industry's only isotropic minimal surface, versatile and inherently resilient. Spherene's Adaptive Density Minimal Surfaces (ADMS) are printable on any 3D printer in any material. The Rhino integration allows easy, best-in-class design, saving much engineering time. 

  • Christian Waldvogel is the founder of spherene, a Zurich-based company that is developing autonomous design software. He holds a Master’s degree in architecture from ETHZ, made his first 3D print in 1999, and spent most part of the 21st century as a conceptual artist. His work, which aims to reflect humanity as a species on a planet and in the universe, was published and exhibited worldwide and has directly led to the discovery of the spherene geometry in 2012. 

  • Daniel Bachmann, the Chief Innovation Officer at spherene, brings a background in electronics engineering and a successful track record in 3D production, having owned two companies. His interdisciplinary skills extend to rapid prototyping, usability, and interaction design. Before spherene, he spent eight years sharing his knowledge of various manufacturing techniques, including woodworking, plaster and concrete casting, CNC, additive manufacturing, and laser cutting, as a lecturer for model building and design and as a workshop deputy at ETH Zurich's Rapid Architectural Prototyping Laboratory.

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