Friday, April 26, 2024

Catalogue Permutations V1.0 Webinar

17 August 2024 - 3 pm to 8 pm UTC
Online Webinar by DesignMorphine

Catalogue Permutations V1.0 will create a design catalogue consisting of simple scripts that you can use multiple times for future designs. This catalogue focuses on learning the fundamental elements of Rhino Grasshopper and Blender 3D Geometry Nodes. After completing this course, you will not be afraid of facing a blank design canvas but will confidently use your design catalogue to create complex structures. 

The catalogue contains point-based, line-based, and surface-based design methods and can be categorized into four design languages: Organic Flow, Repetition, Random Generation, and Overlap. This catalogue allows users to apply these simple scripts and combine them to explore unexpected spaces. June Lee will share his design process, from finding inspiration to building final geometries. This course also demonstrates how to create a quick rendering using Blender 3D Cycles render.

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