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Rhino User Webinar: Small is Big


Rhino User Webinar
Small is Big
24 April 2024 at 4:00 pm (CEST)

During the Vienna Architecture Conference in 1992, a round table discussion took place at the MAK Austrian Museum of Applied Arts. The participants included renowned architects such as Wolf Prix, Zaha Hadid, Eric Moss, Lebbeus Woods, Thom Mayne, Steven Holl, and Carme Pinos. Some of these architects expressed frustration over the limited scale of their projects and the marginalization of their role compared to commercial enterprises. However, despite these challenges, many of these architects became influential figures in the field and successful entrepreneurs. What is crucial to acknowledge is the pioneering role these architects played during that period of small-scale projects. During this time, they embarked on experimental endeavors, laying the foundation for their future business success. Additionally, these projects played a significant role in the development of computational and parametric architecture. At External Reference, we recognize the importance of interior spaces as small, private projects that were once the subject of frustration among architects like Wolf Prix at MAK. Today, we understand that these projects served as experimental laboratories, leading to the remarkable growth and development of the architects who participated in the Vienna Architecture Conference in '92.
At External Reference, we prioritize research and innovation, working on diverse projects, including waterfront development and museums. We acknowledge that interior spaces, once considered small and insignificant, have now emerged as crucial laboratories for exploring cultural, political, and environmental agendas in contemporary conditions.
About the speaker:
  • Carmelo Zappulla, an Italian-born architect (1978), is the founder and managing director of the Barcelona-based architecture studio External Reference, which develops international work at different scales, including exhibition spaces, architecture, urban, interior, and product design.

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