Thursday, March 23, 2023

Shape to Fabrication 2023 Workshops (London, April 22-24)

Shape to Fabrication 2023 Workshops
London, April 22-24

Taking place in the days preceding the main conference, our curated selection of workshops feature the latest technologies delivered by industry leaders in a forum where attendees can make new connections, gain knowledge and develop existing skills in their chosen field.

We are fortunate to have this stellar line-up of Shape to Fabrication workshop facilitators, supported by members of the Rhino development team from McNeel.

Explore our workshops, join us on one, and learn!
  • Robotic Fabrication for Industrialised Building Components
  • Circular Design & Fabrication – Impacting reality one parameter at the time
  • Data-Driven Workflows with Rhino and Power BI
  • Pollination Rhino Plugin Workflows
  • Multiplayer Design Workflows: Connecting People With 3D Data
  • Automating building design using Grasshopper, ShapeDiver API, Cortex and Ellipse
  • Integrating Rhino and Revit for Design, Fabrication, and Documentation
  • Collaborative Design in the Industrial Metaverse: An introduction to NVIDIA Omniverse
  • Robotic fabrication for industrialised building components with Maya, Rhino Compute and Omniverse

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