Thursday, May 19, 2022

Hull Shape Assistant plugin in open beta

Hull Shape Assistant (HSA) is a new Rhino plugin providing shape modeling assistance tools focused on design, fairing, and reverse engineering.

HSA’s geometry is composed of parts that may be surfaces or a set of curves prepared for lofting a surface. HSA also accepts as an input already existing polysurfaces in one part, with no specific option to modify it.


  • Automatic joining and trimming of parts, according to defined limiting top, transom, or skeg shape
  • Automatic generation of flat side and flat bottom
  • Real-time information regarding distance from reference geometry, which can be points clouds, curves, meshes, surfaces or polysurfaces
  • Real-time generation of sections, buttocks and waterlines
  • Simplified control over surface curvature and zebra analysis
  • Real-time information regarding ship hydrostatic parameters – HSA will try to fill small gaps in imperfect shape if the input is non-watertight
  • Simple clipping over length
  • Simple compact panel for control of plugin functionality

Currently, HSA supports only symmetric hull shapes.

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