Tuesday, May 17, 2022

ExactFlat for Rhino - Free Mini Course

Improve your pattern-making in Rhino with the ExactFlat for Rhino 3D plugin.
Make digital patterns the easy way. ExactFlat will show you how.
The ExactFlat for Rhino Mini Course is free.

ExactFlat for Rhino 3D features include:

  1. Design in Rhino or import from laser scans or other 3D CAD packages.
  2. Accurately flatten complex 3D surfaces into production-ready 2D flat patterns.
  3. Add precision alignment notches, darts, seams, and grain lines in seconds.
  4. Export in standard DXF formats to create output for cutters or 2D fabric CAD packages.
    More features.

Questions? Email Mark Jewell.

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