Saturday, May 14, 2022

Environmental simulation in Rhino with Pollination from Ladybug Tools

We're so excited to share that Rhino and Ladybug Tools users now have access to a new, user-friendly plugin for environmental simulation called Pollination. Created by the developers of Ladybug Tools, the Pollination ecosystem extends Rhino's superior modeling capabilities by giving users the ability to assign environmental simulation data to geometry. You can quickly build, visualize, and validate geometrically complex models before running energy, daylight, thermal comfort, or other environmental simulations in parallel with your design model for real-time insight. 

Use the plugin as a stand-alone desktop application or combine it with Pollination's cloud-computing capabilities, verified simulation recipes, and collaboration features for an unparalleled environmental analysis experience. Ladybug Tools users will find a seamless integration between the Ladybug Tools Grasshopper plugin and the Pollination Rhino plugin. Fully-detailed energy and Radiance models created in Rhino can be sent to Grasshopper as Honeybee models for custom simulation, parametric analysis, and data visualization.

Join the upcoming Pollination User Meetup on May 26, 2022, at 11 am EST to learn about leveraging Pollination to make your existing Ladybug Tools and Rhino workflows more effortless and collaborative.

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