Thursday, December 2, 2021

New Grasshopper Component in Tekla with Rhino.Inside technology

The new Grasshopper Component in Tekla Structures uses the Rhino.Inside technology. This brings Tekla users the benefit of visual scripting in Grasshopper without each Tekla user needing to be exposed to the visual script itself. Furthermore, this provides developers a powerful new way of creating logic for custom components in Tekla using visual scripting.

Tekla's custom component is an intelligent object type in Tekla Structures that can be used for connections, reinforcement and other details as well as for larger parametric objects like sandwich walls or staircases.

Until now, new custom component types have been created by anyone using the Tekla Open API or using the custom component editor within Tekla. Now, new custom components can also be created with Grasshopper. The logic is provided by any Grasshopper definition that then creates objects in Tekla Structures.

The benefit for the Tekla user is that using the new Grasshopper Component they do not need to know visual scripting to use a Grasshopper definition. For the custom component developer, creating component logic with Grasshopper can be more straightforward especially when it comes to geometry.

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