Friday, December 17, 2021

Seanaptic - ANSYS Interface now available

Seanaptic is a plugin for Rhino that allows naval architects to model parametric ship structures with extreme efficiency.

The release of Seanaptic 7, now compatible with Rhino 7, has achieved a significant milestone by implementating the interfacing with ANSYS Mechanical and SpaceClaim. Full geometries of naval structures can now be directly exported to ANSYS for finite element analysis. Seanaptic pre-processes the geometry to ensure connected meshes of incredible quality while complete structural parameters of plates and beams are transferred directly to the FEA model, obtaining efficiencies never seen before.

What usually took weeks or even months can now be achieved in days or even hours. This golden bundle of Rhino, Seanaptic, and ANSYS will render traditional FEA pre-processing obsolete!

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