Friday, December 10, 2021

New landscape design plugin: Land Kit

LANDAU Design + Technology recently launched Land Kit,  a new Grasshopper plugin. It is beneficial for landscape design, but many applications exist for architects, ecologists, pattern makers, and more. 

Land Kit's customs tools make landscape design more efficient and intuitive while solving some of the trickier problems presented when using computational tools to design landscapes in 3D. 

Not only can it save time with a particular design, drafting, or modeling process, but it provides a platform to build your specific workflows. 

Land Kit is composed of three component libraries:
  • Plant Kit is a powerful platform to make planting design more manageable and site-specific. Use analysis, data, and placement rules to guide the placement of individual plants while you focus on the big picture of the planting design and layout. By defining environments, areas, plants, and rules, Plant Kit help keep track of the complexity, helping to layout and visualize your planting design for output to CAD, Revit, or rendering in Rhino, Lumion, or Enscape.
  • Use Topo Kit to create and change topographic features in the landscape. You can avoid the sticky problem of relying on elevated contours to generate and revise models. Design directly in 3D with the features that drive topography: walls, curbs, stairs, paths, spots, and maybe a contour or two. Analyze slope, elevation, or cut contours during the design process.
  • Use the Paving Kit toolset to define simple paving zones with shapes. Add standard or custom patterns with paver dimensions and let Paving Kit draft repeat patterns, seams, coloration, and edge trimming. 
Download and begin using all of Land Kit's free core features. And check out the online learning resource CAMPUS.

Land Kit (Windows only): Now on food4Rhino...

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