Saturday, March 23, 2024

Steampunk: New History 3D Modeling Competition Launches on, a popular platform for 3D artists, has just announced the launch of its latest competition, Steampunk: New History. The contest runs from March 20th to June 5th and invites 3D artists to show their skills and creativity by crafting steampunk-inspired 3D models and renderings. We especially encourage Rhino users to enter the contest and demonstrate how Rhino's powerful features can bring intricate steampunk designs to life.

Steampunk, a genre that combines Victorian-era aesthetics with steam-powered machinery and retro-futuristic designs, offers a unique opportunity for 3D artists to explore alternate histories and create captivating visual narratives. Participants are challenged to model a steampunk vehicle, mechanical device, gadget, or invention and place it within a 3D environment to produce a high-quality rendering.

The competition encourages artists to pay close attention to details, realistic textures, and complex mechanisms that bring their objects to life. Participants can create truly immersive and compelling scenes by considering how their creations would function within a steampunk world and contribute to the overall narrative.

Submissions will be evaluated based on several key criteria, including the originality of the concept, the quality of the 3D modeling, and the overall presentation of the scene. The judges will look for renderings demonstrating technical proficiency while telling a captivating story and transporting the viewer into a unique steampunk universe. has a long-standing reputation for hosting successful 3D modeling competitions that attract talented artists. With the Steampunk: New History contest, they aim to provide a platform for artists to push the boundaries of their creativity and showcase their skills to a broad audience of enthusiasts and industry professionals.

Visit the official contest page on 3DModels.orgto learn more about the Steampunk: New History 3D modeling competition, including submission guidelines, prizes, and sponsorship opportunities. Don't miss this exciting opportunity to be part of a thriving community of 3D artists and showcase your talent in the captivating world of steampunk.

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