Monday, March 18, 2024

Rhino User Webinar: Improved Landscape Architecture Workflows - From Useful Grasshopper Scripts

Rhino User Webinar
9 April 2024 at 4:00 pm (CEST)

As landscape architecture is experiencing a technological renaissance, tools, and workflows are emerging to enhance design capabilities, improve collaboration, and optimize project outcomes.

In this webinar, we will showcase a few examples of integrating cutting-edge technologies to streamline your landscape workflow and demonstrate how much one can achieve by using Rhino, Grasshopper, and Revit.

Join Simone, an architect and a BIM coordinator at the renowned Heatherwick Studio, as he presents some of his favourite Rhino and Grasshopper workflows for landscape design. Witness the seamless transfer of these elements directly into Revit. See how Nehama Schechter-Baraban effortlessly imports these designs using the innovative Environment for Revit® Rhino Assets tool, converting them into native Revit categories.


  • Simone Berardelli: BIM Coordinator, Heatherwick Studio.
    With a decade of international experience, Simone excels as an Architect and a BIM Coordinator, his focus on BIM and architectural design is marked by attention to detail and collaboration. His practical approach and adaptability enrich diverse architectural projects.

  • Nehama Shechter-Baraban: Landscape Architect and COO, Arch-Intelligence, a Revit expert, and an Educator.
    After nearly six years of experience leading landscape design projects, she joined Arch-Intelligence in 2019 with the aspiration to empower other landscape architects with this transformative technology.


Thomas Oxvig said...

Hey htere,
Sounds super interesting!

Is this going to be recorded?
As I can't make it for that date :(

Alexis said...

Hi, how long is this webinar?

Agustina Jaime said...

Hi Thomas, the webinar will be recorded and posted on our Rhino User Webinar Playlist (
Hope you enjoy it!

Hi Alex, the Webinar will last around 1 hour, with the opportunity for Q&A the last 15 minutes.
Hope to see you there!