Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Bella Render for Rhino plugin

Diffuse Logic is pleased to announce an open beta for its Bella for Rhino plugin.

Bella is a new state of the art spectral renderer, written from a clean sheet to achieve unmatched realism. By adhering to a physics-based approach, Bella produces photographic-quality images, while avoiding the need for typical confusing settings.

The Bella for Rhino plugin (available for Windows & Mac) integrates Bella directly with Rhino, with little need to learn anything new. In its initial iteration, the plugin supports seamless translation of Rhino settings, materials, and environments, whether rendering directly in a Rhino viewport or using the Render command.

We invite all to join us as we move forward from this initial release, to give feedback as we add more Bella-specific features, and then integrate Bella's native node-based system with Grasshopper.

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