Thursday, March 5, 2020

New in ShapeDiver: Copy Model Settings & Re-upload GH files

Over the past months, ShapeDiver has added many new features. From lights and shadows to environment settings and camera controls. All of this implied more time for creating the perfect scene. However, a Grasshopper definition update meant doing it all over again.

Because of that, ShapeDiver has added two new features: Copy Model Settings and Re-Upload Models.

The Copy Model Settings is available on the standard model "Upload" page, making it possible to search through your old models and also the public models uploaded by other users.

The Re-Upload is located below the models that appear on the ShapeDiver Dashboard. When re-uploading a model, the form automatically fills the viewer settings from the previous version.

If you have any doubt or wish, don't hesitate to let them know using the forum.

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