Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Send as a gift - Holiday Special - 25% Off

Good news! We now offer the Send as a gift option for our online courses,
just in time for the holidays.

Now, you can spread the joy of learning by gifting our incredible online courses to your loved ones, plus an impressive 25% discount applicable to all courses, including those bought as gifts!

Don't forget to use the code HOLIDAY25 at checkout to save money. Take advantage of this great discount now! 

Here's how to purchase our online courses as gifts:

At checkout, scroll down and check the "Send as gift" box.

After purchase, the buyer will receive a receipt. The gift recipient will receive a personalized email with a note from the buyer inviting them to access their gifted course.

Gift the joy of learning!
Make education the perfect gift for the new year. Try it now!

Important: Please use the coupon code HOLIDAY25 to receive the 25% discount. You will not get the discount if you don't use the coupon. This offer is available for a limited time only. 

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