Monday, December 11, 2023

Rhino Anywhere Plugin on food4Rhino


Unleashing Rhino's Power Anywhere, Anytime! Rhino Anywhere revolutionizes Rhino by enabling users to stream a Rhino Instance to the cloud, facilitating complex computations and customized interfaces. 

A team of 10 AEC tech professionals developed Rhino Anywhere over 25+ hours during the AEC Tech Hackathon at Thornton Tomasetti’s Offices in New York. Drawing inspiration from pixel streaming technology, the objective was to make Rhino accessible to diverse audiences by designing unique interfaces. 

Through Rhino Anywhere, Rhino’s interface can be customized and streamed over an internet connection while maintaining Rhino’s processing power. Imagine large, colorful buttons for children to engage with 3D design, inspiring creativity and learning. Further, the tool allows for custom interfaces catering to individuals with limited hand or arm articulation, fostering inclusivity. Overcoming challenges, the team exemplified the potential to reshape design tools, emphasizing adaptability, creativity, and accessibility in the 3D world.

Rhino Anywhere expands the use cases for Rhino by not only highlighting it as an excellent modeling and CAD tool but also enabling public and client-facing tailored applications to suit unique needs.

Alfredo Chavez (Heatherwick Studio), Callum Sykes (Structurecraft), Dan Cascaval (Structurecraft), Eleftherios Kourkopoulos (Foster + Partners), Emil Poulsen (Thornton Tomasetti), Jo Kamm (Dimensional Innovation), Josh Grift (Structurecraft), Justyna Szychowska (KPF), Kyle Slugg-Urbino (Stride), Sergey Pigach (Thornton Tomasetti)

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