Monday, December 18, 2023

Grasshopper UK UGM November 2023 – Meeting Notes

On Tuesday 28 November 2023, Simply Rhino held the Grasshopper UK User Group Meeting at AKT II. This free event was kindly hosted by the team at AKT II and delivered to a packed room at their London office.

Following is a meeting report for those who could not attend and those who were there and would enjoy a reminder of the presentations. Our thanks to Luca Biselli for his help with the write-up of this meeting.

Takeaways/learning from Grasshopper UK User Group Meeting | November 2023

  • Grasshopper is progressively establishing itself as an indispensable and powerful tool, adequate for managing intricately complex designs right from the initial phases of the design process.
  • By considering fabrication requirements in the early stages, one can make informed and methodical decisions, preventing critical factors from being determined in the advanced stages of the design process, where they could have significant implications for delivery timelines and costs.
  • Collaboration among diverse professionals is paramount, ensuring comprehensive awareness and understanding among all team members.
  • These presentations highlight the crucial significance of involving all design stakeholders right from the project’s inception. Finally, sharing workflows with other professionals is crucial for their adaptability to various projects across the industry.

The next Grasshopper UK meeting will take place in early 2024. To be among the first to hear about our upcoming events, sign up for our newsletter and the Simply Rhino social channels, including LinkedIn and Instagram.    

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