Tuesday, October 24, 2023

AEC Tech Symposium & Hackathon

November 1-5
New York City and Virtual

The AEC Tech Symposium & Hackathon is a four-day experience for all architecture, engineering, and construction individuals—and beyond. The event has developed into professional development workshops, speakers and presentations, and a 26-hour hackathon.

As part of the conference, McNeel & Associates is providing three workshops:

Beyond Geometry: Crafting New Workflows with Grasshopper Data
Andy Payne  
From its origins as a parametric geometry tool, Grasshopper has undergone a transformative evolution in Rhino 8, featuring the addition of nearly 100 new components and data types. These components are the building blocks for crafting innovative workflows seamlessly merging Rhino and Grasshopper data. In this workshop, we'll guide you through harnessing these workflows, enabling you to enhance your production processes and unlock a world of untapped creative potential.

Exploring Novel Workflows with Rhino 8 Inside.Revit
Japhy Walton  
The latest Rhino is packed with new Grasshopper components. Learn how to use these effectively to create Rhino.Inside.Revit data-driven workflows.

Scripting in Rhino 8
Ehsan Iran-Nejad
There is a new script editor that is consistent across Rhino and Grasshopper and on Windows and macOS. It brings Python 3 and C# scripting to Rhino alongside the already existing IronPython. All languages support package management and debugging, both in Rhino and Grasshopper. Script editor can also easily generate Rhino or Grasshopper plugins from your scripts. To explore all these features in this workshop, we will create scripts in Rhino and Grasshopper, run, debug, and generate Rhino Command and Grasshopper Components from our scripts.

Go to the AEC Tech web site for details and the schedule...

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