Tuesday, March 15, 2022

New Rhino book: "Modelação Clássica e por Subdivisão em Rhinoceros 7"

João Monteiro has published a new book (in Portuguese): Modelação Clássica e por Subdivisão em Rhinoceros 7.

809 pages with the basics, classic NURBS modeling, and a second part dedicated to the new SubD tools.

While the book focuses on 3D modeling of objects, it also includes an introduction on obtaining photorealistic images from them using the available tools in Rhinoceros, as well as importing and modifying models created in other CAD programs. Most of the proposed exercises are based on reference images, on which the models are built, being available to download through a link presented in the text. The book was written based on the Windows version of Rhinoceros, but Mac users can also use it.

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