Friday, March 4, 2022

RhinoCAM 2022 announced

MecSoft, the developer of CAM software solutions, has released RhinoCAM 2022. RhinoCAM 2022 is the latest version of MecSoft’s fully integrated Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) plugin for Rhino 6 and 7. 

Release highlights include:
  • New saw machining operation
  • Enhanced adaptive roughing module
  • Upgraded and improved 4-axis machining methods
  • Milling tool holder definition for display and collision checks
  • Integration of post and G-code in the operation tree in the part file
  • Programmable post-processors employing the Python programming language
  • Expanded RhinoCAM SDK for automating machining
  • Other productivity and user interface enhancements
  • Additional enhancements to the G-Code editor and profile nesting modules
For more details, see What’s New in RhinoCAM 2022. Also, you can request your free demo software download of RhinoCAM 2022.

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