Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Bridging Data Science and Architectural Practice (by KPF and IAAC)

Bentall Centre’s Computational Design model in KPF’s Scout web platform

David Andres Leon (Head of Computational Design IAAC) and Brandon Pachuca (Urban Data Scientist + Web Developer at KPF) have been kind enough to share their latest article Bridging Data Science and Architectural Practice - Emergent applications of cloud computing in practice and academia.

A great intro to RhinoCommon, Grasshopper, Rhino.Inside, Rhino Compute and Hops:

"Architecture and computer science are becoming increasingly intertwined. The data science industry found a promising niche to leverage big data, machine learning, and web development to create viable products to automate workflows and bring new insights to market. Architecture can benefit from these trends, adapting product and web development to support advanced simulation and visualization practices."

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