Thursday, January 13, 2022

ArchEatable: The Ephemeral Art of Gastronomy through Architecture and Digital Fabrication

ArchEatable is a university course that explores food and gourmet pastry art as a vehicle for teaching digital design and fabrication lessons in architecture.  

Since 2018, Jose Carrillo, Architect, Authorized Rhino Trainer, and Associate Professor of Architecture at the American University in Dubai, has been the founder, director, and course instructor.

What is unique about this teaching project is that students design and manufacture a consumable product from beginning to end. The materialization of these pieces and edible works of art is supported in  Rhinoceros, Grasshopper, and related plugins. The course incorporates novel 3D-printed  prototyping, silicone molds, and laser cutters into the process to create stunningly unique geometric cakes.

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Unknown said...

Archeatable is one of the best courses I've taken. The whole process of fabrication and manufacturing is very hands-on, and seeing the holistic process of creating, designing, making, and, even baking, was incredibly satisfying and fun! Truly a great learning experience and a fun design project :-)