Tuesday, November 9, 2021

2Shapes for Rhino 2.0 Released

2Shapes for Rhino, the jewelry design plugin for Rhino, just got to version 2.0. Here are the top 10 new features:
  • Pave and Prongs to set gems anywhere on your design while optimally giving your unique style.
  • One-Click to STL & Integrations with 3D printers to point what needs changing for your design and fix it.
  • Open from Cloud, bring any design from the 2Shapes Suite into Rhino, all your team's designs in one centralized place.
  • Smart Profiles to create organic and smooth designs with ease, no matter the shape, size, or complexity.
  • Report, Gems Map and Gems List. Automatically generate documents of your design, its gem distribution, and a full list.
  • Assets Selector and Assets Editor to modify profiles and see how the changes dynamically affect your design.
  • Improved outliner, get an overview of your design's elements, and edit them in an agile and intuitive way.
  • With Cutters, select what gems need to be drilled, set the drill measurement, and run the boolean difference.
  • Let your design sparkle with Gems by Network, draw the bounds and let 2Shapes automatically fill it with gems.
  • Dedicated Render Studio for amazing images and animations. Easy to use rendering tools for jewelry designers.

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