Monday, November 29, 2021

TOMKOD publishes a whole range of Rhino plugins

Developed with the user experience and simplicity in mind, TomKod released a range of tools to address the engineers' expressed needs. At a few dozen euros, the investment is cost-effective starting from the first use.

Following is the list of TomKod plugins currently available:

   Attribute Analysis - Get a 3D model's attribute analysis and stats

Draw UserTexts - Draw attribute values as text, with consistent positioning

Rhino Beam Tools - Export data to beam calculation software (Finite Element Method) BV STEEL® and RDM7®

Marine Weight Schedule - Compute a project's Bill Of Masses and Bill Of Materials

Selection Tools - Object selection tools

Tables - Create/Edit tables and import from Excel Spreadsheets

New features are still released regularly via updates or new products based on expressed needs.

The plugins are also downloadable from Rhino’s package manager.

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